CUSTOM Made to Order Koala Jammie Baby, 12 plush doll, stuffed baby animal, soft doll, gift for kids and adults

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I will lovingly create a custom handmade Koala Jammie Baby for you, and it will be unique and full of personality!

There is a cute little detail on the front, that has a fold and some snaps embroidered on, to look like real baby jammies.

They make great gifts for the little ones, and children of any age and adults love the Jammie Babies too!

Your koala can be any color combination, it doesn't necessarily have to be gray and white, what are your favorite colors?

I have a lot of choices for these, so if you can just tell me what color scheme you want, and I can show you a couple of options.

TURNAROUND TIME: Depending on my how long my custom list is, yours will be ready from 4-10 weeks from date of order. If you need it by a specific date, please message me before ordering, to make sure that I can make your date.


* Weight: they average between 5-7 ounces
* Length: About 12 inches tall
* The head is jointed and moveable, but you can request that it be sewn on instead
* The doll's face and hands are made from minky or plush
* The body can be made from minky, fleece, plush, cotton knit, or cotton lycra
* All seams are double-stitched and thinner fabrics are lined with a layer of fleece, for extra durability, strength and softness.
* The doll's hair is made from faux fur (polyester), or curly minky, or yarn, and is sewn on by hand.
* Doll joints are used for the head. I use excellent quality doll joints, very sturdy, made from plastic
* The doll is stuffed with hypoallergenic poly fill

If you want me to just be creative, you can say in the personalization section "artist's choice".
If you want specific colors, say that. If you are not sure, you can message me first to see what your options are.


Lint brush is great for touchups to get the fuzzies off.
For stains, it's best to just spot wash with a gentle washcloth and air dry.

You can put the doll in the washer, but on GENTLE CYCLE, and cold water.

PLEASE AIR DRY. Please NOT NOT PUT THE DOLL IN THE DRYER or use a hair dryer, as some parts could shrink or be damaged by heat.

Fluff up the hair again by combing with your fingers occasionally as it dries, and run a lint brush over it once it's dry.

You can also brush the doll's hair with a doll hairbrush, or wig brush. Get a wire brush that has rounded tips.



There is a plastic joint/pieces inside the head and torso. They are well-secured, the stitching is reeinforced around the joint, they are super strong and should not come apart unless cut (or chewed by a pet). If any part of the doll is damaged or develops a hole, remove the doll from play immediately, and contact me for repairs.

ALWAYS SUPERVISE play around toddlers and infants, and especially if there are pets in the house. Inspect the doll regularly for any signs of wear.


Made using the body from the Snugglie baby doll pattern designed by Becca at Planet Applique, and and my own mashup of features for the head.