Padding is a MUST when you are on crutches, and I designed my Crutch Bubbles Crutch Covers to be SERIOUSLY COMFY, well-made and beautiful!

You deserve to pamper yourself while you heal. You absolutely can be comfy AND stylish! Great for women, men and kids too.
Fits standard crutches.

This listing is for a CUSTOM SET, which I will make in your favorite colors. NOTE: Current turnaround time is 10-14 days to create.

If you are in a hurry, I usually have a bunch of sets already made in the most popular colors here, that will ship priority mail:

HOW TO PLACE A CUSTOM ORDER (note, turnaround time is currently 1-2 weeks)

1) Browse through the photos in this listing to see some available minky and cotton fabric choices, as well as layout choices. Please give me at least one alternate fabric choice in case I'm out of your first choice.
Your crutch covers can be make entirely of your chosen cotton fabric, or all minky, or a mixture of both (usually minky puffs with cotton skirts, minky handles, cotton bag with minky pockets).

2) From the drop-down menu, choose "Pads and Handles Only", or if you would like a matching bag, choose "Pads Handles & Bag"

3) In the personalization box, let me know your color and layout choices. Feel free to message me first if you have any questions.

4) Because of my current workload, please allow 10-14 days to create your custom set

Please allow additional time and possibly additional costs if I need to order special fabric. You may also send me some fabric if you have something you love that you would like me to use.

5) Once they are created, I will send a photo, and ship them via priority mail from California, which takes 1-3 days.

If you have any questions, or special requests, please send me a message.



Crutch Bubbles are my original invention, and there is nothing else like them out there. I created the first set for the daughter of a friend while she recovered from knee surgery, and she absolutely LOVED them! The feedback from all of my happy clients is consistently rave reviews. They are sooo much appreciated, and really do help you heal in comfort.
They are very well-made and beautiful too!

IMPORTANT NOTE: These crutch covers are designed to fit standard crutches, as shown in the photos. If your crutches are NOT standard, I cannot guarantee that these will fit. Contact me first if you are not sure.

- Puffs made of soft Minky, cotton, or a mixture of both, and filled with hypoallergenic poly fill
- Designed to fit snugly over the existing rubber pads, and stay put
- Matching "skirt" made from cotton or minky, with elastic along the bottom
- Made in your favorite colors, sports team colors, school colors, colors to match your outfit,
you name it!

- Made from Minky or cotton (minky is recommended!)
- Slips over the handles by removing the screw
- Two layers of cotton batting for comfort

- Made from minky, cotton or both
- Quilted and padded and lined
- Velcro strips for attaching your purse to the handle of one crutch.
- Elastic at the back of the purse, to hold the purse in place.
- Two pockets, one outside and one inside, for holding your cellphone, wallet, keys, etc.
- Button closure in two places

Wash and dry your crutch bubbles crutch covers on delicate/low heat wash and dry settings. If your set is made from minky,
it is recommended you place them inside a pillowcase to keep the minky from matting.



"I absolutely loved my crutch bubbles! They helped me so much when I was on crutches for 6 weeks after my hip surgery, and I received them so quickly! I ended up buying a second pair because I loved them so much! Every where I went, people kept complementing them and asked where I got them. Even the physical therapists that I had said that they were the best crutch covers they ever saw. I highly recommend these!"

"I just received my crutch covers and bag. I absolutely love them!!
The crutch covers are like heaven. They are SO soft and comfortable.
Thank you so much for making them and shipping them out so quickly!!

"They've been a godsend honestly. When I was researching what I'd need on hand for post op (ACL graft and miniscus repair), crutch pads were listed as a must have. They're soft and gorgeous. I've gotten so many compliments on them."

"As soon as I have the money, I'm gonna order another pair of crutch pads,
I wanna thank you again from the bottom of my heart for my others.
For the first time since 2nd grade, my underarm sores are completely gone thanks to you."

"This is the eighth time I've been on crutches; I have tried Crutcheze pads and handle covers in the past.
I purchased a set of Crutch Bubbles crutch pads with matching handle covers; I was able to choose
the design and colors. I have been using the Crutch Bubbles for two weeks and they still provide
the same support and comfort as day one, they do not slide around which essential to preventing falls,
and they are super cute without being too flashy. As a professional in the medical field,
I would not hesitate to recommend Crutch Bubbles."

"Michelle kept in contact through the entire process. She was amazing and ensured my
crutch pads and purse were exactly what I wanted. They turned out beautifully and were
delivered extremely quickly. They have helped me SO much during my recovery."

"These beautiful, well-crafted crutch covers and purse are perfect for my healing!
They are cute, and the most comfortable I've tried with the cushioned, puff design
and cozy fabrics. The purse itself is not only beautiful, but has so many functional
pockets that have already come in so handy as I try to get around and can't use my hands.
Michelle kept in great contact, crafted these so quickly, helped me design my turquoise,
black and damask pattern. They've truly helped me put some beauty and comfort towards a positive recovery!"

"The crutch pads are one of the best purchases I ever made!!! So glad I found them! Thanks again!



These are machine washable on warm or cold/gentle cycle. Dry on delicate settings.

Please allow 1-3 business days for your custom crutch covers to be created.

Priority Mail (2-3 business days)